About Us

WRC Group

Through the Indonesian School of Research (ISOR) and Research Buddy, our business group (The WRC Group) provides the best understanding of what are the barriers to doing research. We act as research consultants who offer solutions and help both in the process, planning, development and overcoming research barriers. We have a professional team to offer advice and guide from the point of view of the latest trends for the research you are doing. So that your research output can stand the test of time and is worthy of publication.


In Research Boot Camp held by the Indonesian School of Research (ISOR), you will learn about strategies, techniques and tools to maximize your research. Research Boot Camp is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to do the perfect research, but don’t know who to ask. We will provide understanding, step-by-step instructions and feedback. Our strategy is very simple! and that’s why it will work for you.

Research Buddy

The most common research roadblock that exists to researchers is poor time management. It is difficult to choose between priorities: day job, schoolwork, family activities, and other events in life. The challenges we face when doing research can often feel enormous from our perception. As researchers, we will all have this problem, and we will likely ask ourselves, “Is there an easier way?”. The goal of this companies is to help you overcome the common roadblocks in research and provide possible remedies for them.

Meet our Leader – Who is Wawas Bangun, really?

Wawas Bangun is an Indonesian Researcher, Educational Youtuber, Trainer, Speaker and Founder of Three Promising Research Company. Wawas has spoken about SEM-PLS at several universities and has launched many research training for university’s students. His passion is to teach people how to do research properly and his teaching provide people of all professional backgrounds with the theoritical and practical tools necessary to build their own research. 

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